Online webinar

How to promote mobile apps in 2023

  • Abirbhav Chanda

    Country manager, Hybrid & Vox

  • Paweł Mazurek

    CGO Hybe


How can machine learning and data science help advertise your app?

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Are you an app owner or work for a mobile company?

Do you run user acquisition or retargeting campaigns?

Do you want to know how to optimize it better?

Then our online conference is for you!

Join it to learn how machine learning and data science can help you successfully promote your app in 2022.

We will cover:

  • Newest trends in programmatic in 2022.
  • How AI and Data science work in programmatic advertising and marketing in general?
  • Machine learning optimization of ad campaigns - key elements.
  • Transparency in advertising - why it matters?
  • Use cases for multiple app categories.