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How to promote mobile apps in 2023



We make mobile programmatic efficient and easy as never before.

We develop a fully transparent in-house platform for in-app advertising and give equal opportunities for all the players.


Why do we exist?

In Hybe, we build a platform that makes programmatic in-housing easy to use for medium, large and emerging apps. We enable them to successfully adopt programmatic in-housing for their user acquisition and retargeting activities.

Our Mission is to bring new tools for mobile app developers to make marketing routines easier and more enjoyable.

Our vision is to make programmatic in-house widely available across app developers.

Our Core Values are Transparency and Integrity. Both inside our team and for our clients. Transparency is the millstone of our platform. We give our clients all the data and insights they need to succeed with programmatic advertising in-house.


What does Hybe aim to do?

We aim to make the industry more transparent and equal for all the players, building valuable solutions for advertising, saving ad budgets, and giving performance.

Our Team

Hybe was founded in 2020 by professionals who had 10+ years experience in building global programmatic platforms:

What are we doing?

Our team is always here to help you with any ideas you have in boosting your campaigns.

Our team of talented engineers, data scientists, mobile growth experts and account managers constantly improve our platform to make programmatic easier, efficient and transparent.

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