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How to promote mobile apps in 2023



Find loyal customers, not just new users

Boost your UA efforts by leveraging our expertise and AI to deliver ROAS you deserve

Get the access to all premium supply sources in one platform
Hybe in the programmatic ecosystem:
Mobile App Owner/Agency
HYBE – In-house DSP
And many more RTB inventory

Benefits of Programmatic User Acquisition with Hybe

  • Full cost-transparency: enjoy true SaaS pricing with no additional fees
  • Embedded AI models for smarter media buying and in-depth control
  • All time-consuming actions are automated
  • Insights on supply app behavior such as loss notifications, delivery diagnostics and others
  • Flexible platform: diverse APIs – reporting, custom events, audiences. Ability to connect external ML models

Acquiring valuable users is not that easy. It is essential to understand your users and where they are in their user journey to address them in the most effective way.


Setup once, ML does the rest

How our ML models find the best users for your app?

Our algorithms combine various data sources to choose the right user to show an ad at the right time.

ML tools

What ML tools are we using in the advertising campaigns?

Look-alike audiences
Using unattributed events algorithms create the portrait of ideal user for your app to show ads. Algorithms extend your seed audience by finding similar users based on the bidstream data using digital twin logic.
ML app similarity
By using NLP algorithms, we find similar apps based on in-store app titles and descriptions and show the ads in these apps.
Event cost optimization
We display ads to people likely to take a specific action in your app (e.g. registration or purchase). Than our ML-algorithms optimize towards cost per selected events.
App affinity
To find similar users to your already existing audience, we are looking for apps with the most of your current users. This gives maximum probability that the audience of the analyzed app will also use your app.

What do you get during and after the campaign?

Fully transparent dashboard and custom widgets with event funnel, conversions and cost per any action

Cohort statistics on ROAS
and retention

Сampaign insights and reports on creative and audiences performance, best performing placements and traffic sources and many more

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Your data is in safe hands

Your own data should only be seen by you.

All developer data is yours and will never be shared with others. All your data is encrypted and access to this data is very restricted to even a few within Hybe.

Your user privacy is most important to us!

With the changes of Apple ATT and Google Playstore privacy adjustments. We follow all GDPR regulations.