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We made mobile programmatic easier and more efficient than ever.

Experience the power of our post-black-box approach

Be effective.

Our main goal is to help you reach your ones

Our holistic platform is designed to make it simple for app developers to understand, identify, and communicate with their users. Embrace maximum transparency and follow the path of driving performance and engagement.

Be mobile.

May the engagement be long!


Apply intelligent retargeting strategy to engage dormant customers and to re-engage ones who were not active for a while. To ensure high lifetime value and maximum ROAS, app advertisers need to encourage customers from time to time.

Be flexible.

Embrace all the key elements of in-house ecosystem

API Integrations:

Get access to all what's necessary and beyond for running retargeting and user acquisition campaigns in-house, such as reporting, audience, and events' API, full-fledged MMP integrations.

Be composite.

Add them. Configure them. Target them.

Audience builder:

Adopt our versatile and potent tools to build composite and flexible audiences based on the MMP postbacks or custom events' API. Set the recency and frequency of the events; define revenue value per user and other parameters to create a right audience.

Be mobile.

Find not just new users but loyal customers

User acquisition:

Acquire the right audience for your app. Achieve your user acquisition goals using our AI algorithms. You can leverage our machine learning models to ensure conversion of your users into customers.

Be hybrid.

Intuitive and convenient interface makes powerful techs way more accessible and easy-to-use.

SmartBid Optimization

SmartBid Optimization

Streamline your ad spends and increase its efficiency by applying optimized bidding models and calculating the probability of performance.



We provide the log-level data access to all your campaign data through SQL queries (loss notification, bid floors, publishers that are blocking you). Be always in the know of your campaign performance with our customizable dashboard and reports builder. Slice&dice your campaign data by the parameters of the bid request.

Dynamic Creative Optimization

Dynamic Creative Optimization

DCO algorithms change the content of the creative depending on the trigger and show personalised ads for better engagement.

3-Layer Anti Fraud solution.

3-Layer Anti Fraud solution.

Filter all the traffic to identify fraudulent bid requests and actions to save your budget and have only true data.

Creative Studio

Creative Studio

Let our team of experienced designers create unique ad sets for your ad campaign to make it unforgettable.

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