Online webinar

How to promote mobile apps in 2023

  • Abirbhav Chanda

    Country manager, Hybrid & Vox

  • Paweł Mazurek

    CGO Hybe


How to build a successful brandformance strategy with programmatic?

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For many years, branding and performance existed separately with different goals, tools, channels, and even teams. Not long ago, brandformance emerged at the junction of these approaches and aims to make two opposing forces work together.

But how does it work with in-app marketing? After all, in 2022, in Indonesia users spend more than 5 hours in apps and brand marketers cannot avoid this channel anymore.

We’ll discuss:

  • Branformance in 2022: buzzword or working strategy for the brands?
  • How brandformance works with in-app advertising and programmatic?
  • Case study
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