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May the engagement be long!

Re-engage your dormant users with our advanced retargeting strategies. Increase lifetime value, retention metrics, and achieve maximum ROAS.


Retargeting is a way to re-engage existing app users across paid and owned channels to drive engagement.

Why retarget?

Within the first week of install, apps lose 79% of users. After 30 days, that number spikes to 90%.

Engaged users are the core of a successful mobile business. To generate higher revenues, keep your users retained.

The cost to acquire a user is 5-10x more expensive than the cost to re-engage a user.

Retargeting delivers top-quality users. The global average uplift of ARPPU among different categories that run retargeting is about 20%.

How retargeting works?


User abandons or uninstalls


User sees the ads in other apps with some promo or bonuses to go back


User comes back and make the purchase in your app (you have increased LTV)

4 steps to start retargeting with Hybe


Integrate your 1st party data with Hybe.


Segment your users via Hybe’s Audience Builder or upload already segmented audiences.


Upload your creatives, assess audiences’ potential reach, and start your retargeting campaigns.


Evaluate campaign performance via customizable dashboards and metrics

Know more, download our retargeting one-sheet

Advantages of retargeting with us

A/B tests to evaluate the performance of the creatives

Dynamic Creative Optimization

Bulk upload of creatives and campaign editing

Build necessary graphs, tables, funnels to make sure you’re reaching your KPIs. See all the necessary metrics in Hybe performance dashboard

Top apps already run retargeting campaigns. Leverage retargeting with hybe!