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(Up to $10 000 media spend)

Business Standard

(Up to $50 000 media spend)

Business Premium

(Up to $100 000 media spend)


(Up to $200 000 media spend)

Business Standard
Business Premium
Real-time inventory & audience insights
Incrementality testing
Data Management
Audience builder (MMP events, custom events API, CDP integrations)
Audience upload via URL with advanced update scheduling capabilities
Audience API
In-ad events tracking (creative analytics)
Product feed integration for ecommerce clients
3rd party data suppliers integrations
Reports builder (whole funnel data from bids to in-app events)
Reporting API
ROAS and revenue data in the UI
Customizable campaign performance dashboard
SQL access to your raw log-level data
Supply & Creative Formats
20+ SSPs with worldwide in-app traffic
Dropbox integration with Ads library
Banners, Native (and native video), Video, HTML (and playables)
Autogenerated creatives (based on App/Play Store assets)
Dynamic creative optimization
Flamp integration with Ads library
Bring your supply via Hybrid Partners SSP
Optimization types
Flat CPM or CPM optimization
CPC, CTR optimization
CPI and CPA optimization (coming soon)
Automated rules to save time on repeatable actions
Bulk upload of creatives
Advanced frequency capping
Hyperlocal targeting (+bulk upload)
Device brand and model, OS version, carrier, connection type, session depth, etc.
White/blacklisting based on keywords, bundle/app ids
Private deals (+ library)
Team management & Whitelabeling
User roles configuration and client access to campaign statistics
Advanced reporting access with customizable dashboards
Advanced whitelabeling features (platform design, your domain)
Full-stack RTB ecosystem (DSP/SSP/DMP/CDP)
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